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–Alignment system that guarantees the quality of the roll;
– Synchronism and stretch control system;
– Constant monitoring of width and length.

When you think about the quality of the fabric / mesh of the final product, do you associate it with the control of receiving the raw material? Should, therefore, this step is of great importance to reach the expected quality of the piece, guaranteeing control in costs and still satisfying the consumer. All production flow is initiated with the raw material, because of this, that this project was developed in order to reduce the interferences caused by the problems with the raw material.


– Defect Detection and Recognition Software;
– Weighing and yield monitoring software.

Technical Data

  • Velocidade de trabalho: 60m/min.
  • Potência instalada: 3KW
  • Tensão de alimentação: 220/380/440V
  • Tensão de comando: 24Vcc
  • Largura da máquina: 2600mm
  • Comprimento da máquina: 2500mm
  • Altura da máquina: 2000mm