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– Eliminates conventional relaxation from 24 to 48;
– Increase productivity of spreading;
– Eliminates dimensional defects in cut pieces;
– Relax from roll to roll;
– Automated and harmonized process;
– Stable size measurements;
– Assertiveness in the docking process;
– Data integration with ERP.

Relaxation technology improves the preparation of fabrics with elastase for the spreading and cutting, eliminates the conventional relaxation time of 24 to 48 hours, monitors and generates information about the area of ​​the material (width x length). Increases spreading productivity due to the roll to the roll relaxation, in order ensure quality in the final garment. This smart automated technology, along with the standardization of processes, generates connectivity and interactivity.

Technical Data

  • Velocidade de trabalho: 30m/min.
  • Potência instalada: 5KW
  • Tensão de alimentação: 220/380/440V
  • Tensão de comando: 24Vcc
  • Largura da máquina: 3300mm
  • Comprimento da máquina: 3000mm
  • Altura da máquina: 1000mm