The Tubular Knitted Opener Delta is a machine used in the process of tubular fabric processing.
Optimization of the cutting edges of fabrics and meshes through optical sensors and automated adjustment, reducing the waste of material.
The Dogal Centering System CDW is an ideal equipment to be used in the centralization of fabrics (woven or non-woven) in continuous flow machines, such as Stenter Frames, Compactors, Printing Machines, Rope De-twisters and Openers.
The Tubular Knitted Opener Delta is a machine used in the process of tubular fabric processing.
Developed for application of specific liquid chemicals and regain of the fabric residual humidity, for the conditioning that was lost during the textile finishing process of the roll. This adds quality to the final product.
The quality of the packaging of the fabrics after the Textile finishing process is fundamental, due to the transport, handling and storage of the rolls.
The Delta Automatic Packaging Machine is a modern and intelligent equipment that automates the process of packing for knit/fabric rolls and consequently fits perfectly in the ergonomic requirements.
Modern and intelligent equipment automating the knitted / woven fabric packing process. Its applied technology, besides reducing the consumption of plastic, makes the process faster and more efficient.
Equipment designed for the review, counting of collars.
Delta Liquid Application System is used in the tubular or open fabric finishing process.
Intelligent equipment specially developed to speed response in laboratory tests.
Developed to facilitate the process of inspection and fractionation of fabrics.
The Inspection Machine REV150 was developed for the inspection of knit and fabric articles, either in the receipt of material from the supplier or in other sectors linked to quality control.
The Inspection Machine REV200 was developed for inspection of woven and non-woven fabrics, received from outside providers or from internal department linked with Q.C.
The Inspection Machine REV700 was developed to inspect fabric articles, either when receiving the material from the supplier or in other sectors related to quality control.
Developed for inspection of fabric at stenter frame exit. Easy operation, the operator has easy access to the inspection area to facilitate the defects detection, identification and classification.
Equipment for the live width measuring, width monitoring for fabric.
Ideal for continuous process machines, this sensor identifies mesh / fabric edges.
Developed to inspect tubular fabric articles, usually installed at the output of a Calander for either compactation or steel/steel.
Turbo-Compressor System developed for the collection of the cut residuals after the trimming process, by aspiration. The selvedge is collected directly from the cutting spot and transferred to an external tank by means of flexible pipes.
Equipment developed for the removal of folds and curls of textile material, normally used in Stenter entrance, dryers with needle bar, and Compactors.
The positioning System for conical fields, combined with photocell and edges opener was developed to allow the quick and soft movement of the Stenter rails to the right position and allow the perfect positioning of the fabric on the needles.