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– High productivity;
– Optimization of processes;
– Economy of plastic;
– High quality standardized packaging.

Modern and intelligent equipment automating the knitted / woven fabric packing process. Its applied technology, besides reducing the consumption of plastic, makes the process faster and more efficient.  Ideal solution for distribution centers where it is necessary to guarantee the quality of the packaging to the final destination. In order to improve the logistics, either it the transportation, handling or storage and sale of knitted and woven fabrics.

-Fabric accumulator at outlet with rollers
– Automatic weighing system
– Plastic shrinkage tunnel

Technical Data

  • Velocidade de trabalho: 3 pacotes/min.
  • Altura da fralda: 100 a 600mm
  • Tensão de alimentação: 220/380/440V (a definir)
  • Largura mínima da máquina: 650mm
  • Largura máxima da máquina:  1400mm
  • Comprimento da máquina: 6000mm
  • Altura da máquina: 2000mm