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The Dogal Centering System from Delta Textile Machines is the optimal equipment for centering knits and fabrics in continuous process machines, such as: stenters, ramets, compactors, rotary printing machines, digital printing machines, fabric untwisting and knitware openers. An intelligent solution equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, adding agility to the process and higher quality to the final product.

– Alignment system through high definition sensors;
– Electronic drives with timing control;
– Precision control system;
– Quality gain of the final product;
– Greater agility in the process;
– Operational cost reduction;
– Assurance of process standardization and automation.

– Opener screw set;
– Input arm;
– Stainless steel or carbon steel structure.

  • Useful width: 1800mm a 4000mm
  • Machine width: 4500mm
  • Machine height: 600mm
  • Length of the machine: 500mm
  • Working speed: 0 to 120m/min
  • Installed power: 3KW
  • Supply voltage: 220/380/440V