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The NONSTOP Open Width Knitted Roller from Delta Textile Machines is an intelligent solution for the finishing of tubular knitted fabric, generally coupled to the outputs of compaction or gloss calenders. Provides a well-aligned roll, thus eliminating stretch.

– Winder with adjustable opening frame system, ensuring perfect alignment;
– Greater agility in the process;
– Operational cost reduction;
– Reduced setup time;
– Stretch control;
– Wide view with bottom lighting for greater assertiveness;
– Standardization and automation of the process.

  • Useful width: 1200mm
  • Machine width: 2000mm
  • Machine height: 1785mm
  • Length of the machine: 1800mm
  • Working speed: from 0 to 60m/min
  • Installed power: 4KW
  • Supply voltage: 220/380/440V