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The quality of the packaging of the fabrics after the Textile finishing process is fundamental, due to the transport, handling and storage of the rolls. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the quality of packing of the rolls to their final destination. Aiming at this, Delta developed the Semiautomatic Rolls Packing Machine. Designed to ensure practicality, roll finishing quality, plastic economy plus easy operation coupled with excellence in service and after-sales service.


Technical Data

  • Velocidade de trabalho: 60 rolos/hora
  • Potência instalada: 5KW
  • Tensão de alimentação: 220/380/440V
  • Tensão de comando: 24Vcc
  • Largura da máquina: 3000mm
  • Comprimento da máquina: 1000mm
  • Altura da máquina: 1600mm
  • Diâmetro do rolo: mín. 100mm – máx. 600mm