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– Winder with adjustable frame opener system, ensuring perfect alignment;
– Easy operation and productivity gain;
– Adjustable working speed (manual or automatic);
– J Box with storage capacity for setups up to 40m/min;

Developed to inspect tubular fabric articles, usually installed at the output of a Calander for either compactation or steel/steel. This machine is easy to operate, flexible and with a concept aimed at eliminating stretch and providing quality inspection.

  • Velocidade de trabalho: 40m/min. (velocidade real)
  • Potência instalada: 4 kW
  • Tensão de alimentação: 220/ 380/ 440V
  • Tensão de comando: 24Vcc
  • Largura da máquina: 2500mm
  • Comprimento da máquina: 1800mm
  • Altura da máquina: 1785mm