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– High technology;
– Automatic De-Twister;
– Smart sensor;
– Fabric centering system;
– Improves productivity;
– Easy operation.


The Tubular Knitted Opener Delta is a machine used in the process of tubular fabric processing. High technology equipment, developed to untwist, open and slit tubular fabrics. Composed with an automated rotor, smart sensor and fabric centering system, the Tubular Knitted Opener improves the productivity. The machine is configurable according to your business needs, so the Delta Tubular Knitted Opener increases the pace and quality of your production.

– Impregnation pad;
– Floor Rotating Platform.

Technical Data

  • Working Speed: 0 a 100m/min.
  • Installed Power: 15KW
  • Power Mains: 220/380/440V
  • Supply Voltage: 24Vcc