The Dogal Centering System CDW is an ideal equipment to be used in the centralization of fabrics (woven or non-woven) in continuous flow machines, such as Stenter Frames, Compactors, Printing Machines, Rope De-twisters and Openers.
Delta Liquid Application System is used in the tubular or open fabric finishing process.
Project developed to punch paper used in the spread / cut. The main purpose of PAP500 is to reuse discarded paper in digital printing (sublimation).
Developed to facilitate the process of inspection and fractionation of fabrics.
The Inspection Machine REV150 was developed for the inspection of knit and fabric articles, either in the receipt of material from the supplier or in other sectors linked to quality control.
Developed for inspection of fabric at stenter frame exit. Easy operation, the operator has easy access to the inspection area to facilitate the defects detection, identification and classification.
Equipment for the live width measuring, width monitoring for fabric.
Equipment developed for the removal of folds and curls of textile material, normally used in Stenter entrance, dryers with needle bar, and Compactors.
It is a Digital Print Preparer, the PID100. Optimal for a low-cost continuous process, performing the roll-to-roll treatment with greater agility.