The Dogal Centering System from Delta Textile Machines is the optimal equipment for centering knits and fabrics in continuous process machines.
Delta Textile Machines has several pieces of auxiliary equipment to further streamline processes in the textile industry.
The 4.0 industry relies on intelligent machines to achieve the best results. Combined with other equipment, they are able to bring even more benefits.
Producing on a large scale and with profitability requires a careful look at each step of the process, especially with regard to waste.
Delta Textile Machines presents an unprecedented solution in the country for the pre-treatment of fabrics.
The Delta Textile Machines’ Plain Fabric Inspection Machine was developed to optimize the inspection process, with emphasis on ease of setup.
The REV 170 model is some of its intelligent solutions for the inspection of knits and fabrics in general, which can be configured according to every need.
The REV200 model is one of them, with emphasis on a differentiated design and controllers aimed at simplifying the operator’s work.
The REV450 is the input version of the inspection machines developed by Delta Textile Machines.
An industry connected to the 4.0 concept achieves better results through intelligent solutions, such as the Delta Textile Machines’ Non-stop Inspection Machine developed especially for stenter.
The Delta Textile Machines’ Non-Stop Open Knit and Plain Fabric Reviewer has been developed particularly for the inspection of articles at the exit of stenters.
The Delta Textile Machine’s Dryer is the perfect accessory for digital printers of different formats, increasing productivity, and the quality of materials too.
The Digital Ruler Sensor of Delta Textile Machines is optimal for continuous processes through direct integration with stenters, compactors, inspection machines, among other equipment.