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Producing on a large scale and with profitability requires a careful look at each step of the process, especially with regard to waste. With this in mind, Delta Textile Machines developed its Paper Perforator, thus enabling the reuse of sublimatic paper discarded in digital printing to carry out the spread. An intelligent solution aligned with the concept of sustainable production, reducing impacts on the environment.

– Reuse of sublimatic paper;
– Environmental impact reduction, making the process more sustainable;
– Cost reduction in the acquisition of raw material;
– Electronic drives with control of paper stretch and tension;
– Alignment through high definition sensors;
– Less setup time with fast roll change system;
– Assurance of process standardization and automation.

  • Useful width: 2000mm
  • Machine width: 2500mm
  • Machine heigh: 1250mm
  • Length of the machine: 1500mm
  • Working Speed: From 0 to 10m/min
  • Installed power: 1,5KW
  • Supply voltage: 220/380/440V.