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Delta Textile Machines has developed its Transfer Calender for industries that seek greater productivity, quality and profitability in the thermal transfer process. The project’s great differential is a heating system that ensures uniform temperature and greater use of the thermal roller’s circumference. An intelligent solution to process rolls or even cut pieces, with standardization and automation, as needed.

– Chrome-plated roller for greater productivity;
– Highly durable 100% Nomex felt;
– Uniform temperature across the roller’s surface;
– Adjustments for footage, temperature, speed;
– Recipe setup via HMI;
– Heating System with automatic start;
– Automatic stop system with cooling;
– Job Options – Roll/Roll, Piece/Roll or Piece/Piece
– Standardization and automation of the process

– Input Table;
– Internal parts conveyor belt;
– Vapor suction hood;
– Anti-static bar;
– Outlet Elevating conveyor belt;
– Outlet aligning winder;
– NoBreak system

  • Useful width: 1800mm
  • Machine width: 3125mm
  • Machine heigh: 1580mm
  • Length of the machine: 2276mm a 3836mm
  • Working speed: 1,5m/min to 4,5m/min;
  • Installed power: 34KW
  • Supply voltage: 220/380V